pipes-files-0.1.2: Fast traversal of directory trees using pipes

Safe HaskellNone




type CDir = () Source #

type CDirent = () Source #

openDirStream :: RawFilePath -> IO DirStream Source #

openDirStream dir calls opendir to obtain a directory stream for dir.

readDirStream :: DirStream -> Ptr CDirent -> IO (RawFilePath, CUInt) Source #

readDirStream dp calls readdir to obtain the next directory entry (struct dirent) for the open directory stream dp, and returns the d_name member of that structure.

getStat :: Maybe Bool -> FileEntry f -> IO (Maybe (FileStatus, FileEntry f)) Source #

Get the current status for the file. If the status being requested is already cached in the entry information, simply return it from there.

closeDirStream :: DirStream -> IO () Source #

closeDirStream dp calls closedir to close the directory stream dp.