planar-graph- A representation of planar graphs
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class PlanarEncoding ser whereSource

A class covering the different ways of encoding and decoding planar graphs from binary data.

Associated Types

type NLabel ser Source

type ELabel ser Source


putSG :: ser -> ((Int, Int), SerialisedGraph (NLabel ser) (ELabel ser)) -> BuilderSource

getSG :: ser -> Parser (SerialisedGraph (NLabel ser) (ELabel ser))Source

putName :: ser -> BuilderSource

Print the required header if appropriate; otherwise return an empty Builder. Should end in a newline if appropriate.

getName :: Parser serSource

Attempt to parse a header; if none exists, this should return an appropriate default (if allowable). Should also parse trailing newlines if appropriate.

sepByNewline :: ser -> BoolSource

Is each graph on a new line?

encodePlanarFile :: PlanarEncoding ser => ser -> FilePath -> [PlanarGraph (NLabel ser) (ELabel ser)] -> IO IntSource

Encode a list of planar graphs to file using the specified encoding.

encodePlanarFileFrom :: PlanarEncoding ser => ser -> FilePath -> [(Maybe Edge, PlanarGraph (NLabel ser) (ELabel ser))] -> IO IntSource

Encode a list of planar graphs to file using the specified encoding, with the serialisation traversing from the an optionally specified edge.

decodePlanarFile :: PlanarEncoding ser => ser -> FilePath -> IO [PlanarGraph (NLabel ser) (ELabel ser)]Source

Read in a file containing encoded graphs. The PlanarEncoding argument is only used for its type to determine which parser to use.