probability-0.2.1: Probabilistic Functional Programming






traces of distributions

type Trace a = [a]Source

type Walk a = a -> Trace aSource

type Space prob a = Trace (T prob a)Source

type Expand prob a = a -> Space prob aSource

walk :: Int -> Change a -> Walk aSource

walk is a bounded version of the predefined function iterate

traces of random experiments

type RTrace a = T (Trace a)Source

type RWalk a = a -> RTrace aSource

type RSpace prob a = T (Space prob a)Source

type RExpand prob a = a -> RSpace prob aSource

merge :: (Fractional prob, Ord a) => [RTrace a] -> RSpace prob aSource

merge converts a list of RTraces into a list of randomized distributions, i.e., an RSpace, by creating a randomized distribution for each list position across all traces

zipListWith :: ([a] -> b) -> [[a]] -> [b]Source