process-extras- Process extras

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Re-export all symbols and instances of the process-extras package. Adds the Chunk type with a ProcessOutput instance, and a collectOutput function to turn a list of chunks into any instance of ProcessOutput, such as (ExitCode, String, String). This means you can have readCreateProcess output a list of Chunk, operate on it to do progress reporting, and finally convert it to the type that readProcessWithExitCode woud have returned.



class ProcessMaker a where Source


ProcessMaker CreateProcess

This is the usual maker argument to readCreateProcess.

ProcessMaker (CreateProcess, BufferMode, BufferMode)

Passing this to readCreateProcess as the maker argument allows you to set the buffer mode of the process stdout and stderr handles just after the handles are created. These are set to BlockBuffering by default, but for running console commands LineBuffering is probably what you want.

class Monoid b => ProcessOutput a b | b -> a where Source


pidf :: ProcessHandle -> b Source

outf :: a -> b Source

errf :: a -> b Source

intf :: SomeException -> b Source

codef :: ExitCode -> b Source

readCreateProcess :: (ProcessMaker maker, ProcessOutput a b, ListLikeProcessIO a c) => maker -> a -> IO b Source

readCreateProcessLazy :: (ProcessMaker maker, ProcessOutput a b, ListLikeProcessIO a c) => maker -> a -> IO b Source

Like readCreateProcess, but the output is read lazily.

readCreateProcessWithExitCode Source


:: (ProcessMaker maker, ListLikeProcessIO a c) 
=> maker

command and arguments to run

-> a

standard input

-> IO (ExitCode, a, a)

exitcode, stdout, stderr

readProcessWithExitCode Source


:: ListLikeProcessIO a c 
=> FilePath

command to run

-> [String]

any arguments

-> a

standard input

-> IO (ExitCode, a, a)

exitcode, stdout, stderr

Like readProcessWithExitCode, but with generalized input and output type.

data Chunk a Source

This type is a concrete representation of the methods of class ProcessOutput. If you take your process output as this type you could, for example, echo all the output and then use collectOutput below to convert it to any other instance of ProcessOutput.


ProcessHandle ProcessHandle

This will always come first, before any output or exit code.

Stdout a 
Stderr a 
Result ExitCode 
Exception SomeException

Note that the instances below do not use this constructor.

collectOutput :: ProcessOutput a b => [Chunk a] -> b Source

Turn a [Chunk a] into any other instance of ProcessOutput.

showCreateProcessForUser :: CreateProcess -> String Source

System.Process utility functions.