propellor-2.15.3: property-based host configuration management in haskell

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data Host Source

Everything Propellor knows about a system: Its hostname, properties and their collected info.




Show Host Source 
PropAccum Host Source 
Conductable Host Source 
MonadReader Host Propellor Source 
Conductable [Host] Source

Each host in the list will be conducted in turn. Failure to conduct one host does not prevent conducting subsequent hosts in the list, but will be propagated as an overall failure of the property.

data Property i Source

The core data type of Propellor, this represents a property that the system should have, and an action to ensure it has the property.

A property can have associated Info or not. This is tracked at the type level with Property NoInfo and Property HasInfo.

There are many instances and type families, which are mostly used internally, so you needn't worry about them.

data Info Source

Information about a Host, which can be provided by its properties.

type family CInfo x y Source

Type level calculation of the combination of HasInfo and/or NoInfo

infoProperty Source


:: Desc

description of the property

-> Propellor Result

action to run to satisfy the property (must be idempotent; may run repeatedly)

-> Info

info associated with the property

-> [Property i]

child properties

-> Property HasInfo 

Constructs a Property with associated Info.

simpleProperty :: Desc -> Propellor Result -> [Property NoInfo] -> Property NoInfo Source

Constructs a Property with no Info.

adjustPropertySatisfy :: Property i -> (Propellor Result -> Propellor Result) -> Property i Source

Changes the action that is performed to satisfy a property.

propertyChildren :: Property i -> [Property i] Source

A Property can include a list of child properties that it also satisfies. This allows them to be introspected to collect their info, etc.

class IsProp p where Source

Class of types that can be used as properties of a host.


setDesc :: p -> Desc -> p Source

toProp :: p -> Property HasInfo Source

getDesc :: p -> Desc Source

getInfoRecursive :: p -> Info Source

Gets the info of the property, combined with all info of all children properties.

type family CombinedType x y Source

Type level calculation of the type that results from combining two types of properties.

newtype Propellor p Source

Propellor's monad provides read-only access to info about the host it's running on, and a writer to accumulate EndActions.




runWithHost :: RWST Host [EndAction] () IO p

data EndAction Source

An action that Propellor runs at the end, after trying to satisfy all properties. It's passed the combined Result of the entire Propellor run.


EndAction Desc (Result -> Propellor Result) 

propertySatisfy :: Property i -> Propellor Result Source

Gets the action that can be run to satisfy a Property. You should never run this action directly. Use ensureProperty instead.

ignoreInfo :: Property i -> Property NoInfo Source

Makes a version of a Proprty without its Info. Use with caution!