propellor-2.16.0: property-based host configuration management in haskell

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withPrivData :: (IsContext c, IsPrivDataSource s, IsProp (Property i)) => s -> c -> (((PrivData -> Propellor Result) -> Propellor Result) -> Property i) -> Property HasInfo Source

Allows a Property to access the value of a specific PrivDataField, for use in a specific Context or HostContext.

Example use:

withPrivData (PrivFile pemfile) (Context "") $ \getdata ->
    property " ssl cert" $ getdata $ \privdata ->
      liftIO $ writeFile pemfile (privDataVal privdata)
  where pemfile = "/etc/ssl/certs/web.pem"

Note that if the value is not available, the action is not run and instead it prints a message to help the user make the necessary private data available.

The resulting Property includes Info about the PrivDataField being used, which is necessary to ensure that the privdata is sent to the remote host by propellor.

filterPrivData :: Host -> PrivMap -> PrivMap Source

Get only the set of PrivData that the Host's Info says it uses.

forceHostContext :: String -> PrivInfo -> PrivInfo Source

Sets the context of any privdata that uses HostContext to the provided name.