propellor-2.16.0: property-based host configuration management in haskell

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type PubKeyText = String Source

The text of a ssh public key, for example, "ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIB3BJ2GqZiTR2LEoDXyYFgh/BduWefjdKXAsAtzS9zeI"

Daemon configuration

data RootLogin Source


RootLogin Bool

allow or prevent root login


disable password authentication for root, while allowing other authentication methods


allow root login with public-key authentication, but only if a forced command has been specified for the public key

noPasswords :: Property NoInfo Source

Configure ssh to not allow password logins.

To prevent lock-out, this is done only once root's authorized_keys is in place.

listenPort :: Int -> RevertableProperty NoInfo Source

Makes the ssh server listen on a given port, in addition to any other ports it is configured to listen on.

Revert to prevent it listening on a particular port.

Host keys

randomHostKeys :: Property NoInfo Source

Blows away existing host keys and make new ones. Useful for systems installed from an image that might reuse host keys. A flag file is used to only ever do this once.

hostKeys :: IsContext c => c -> [(SshKeyType, PubKeyText)] -> Property HasInfo Source

Installs the specified list of ssh host keys.

The corresponding private keys come from the privdata.

Any host keys that are not in the list are removed from the host.

hostKey :: IsContext c => c -> SshKeyType -> PubKeyText -> Property HasInfo Source

Installs a single ssh host key of a particular type.

The public key is provided to this function; the private key comes from the privdata;

hostPubKey :: SshKeyType -> PubKeyText -> Property HasInfo Source

Indicates the host key that is used by a Host, but does not actually configure the host to use it. Normally this does not need to be used; use hostKey instead.

User keys and configuration

userKeys :: IsContext c => User -> c -> [(SshKeyType, PubKeyText)] -> Property HasInfo Source

Sets up a user with the specified public keys, and the corresponding private keys from the privdata.

The public keys are added to the Info, so other properties like authorizedKeysFrom can use them.

userKeyAt :: IsContext c => Maybe FilePath -> User -> c -> (SshKeyType, PubKeyText) -> Property HasInfo Source

Sets up a user with the specified pubic key, and a private key from the privdata.

A file can be specified to write the key to somewhere other than the default locations. Allows a user to have multiple keys for different roles.

knownHost :: [Host] -> HostName -> User -> Property NoInfo Source

Puts some host's ssh public key(s), as set using hostPubKey or hostKey into the known_hosts file for a user.

authorizedKeysFrom :: User -> (User, Host) -> Property NoInfo Source

Ensures that a local user's authorized_keys contains lines allowing logins from a remote user on the specified Host.

The ssh keys of the remote user can be set using keysImported

Any other lines in the authorized_keys file are preserved as-is.

authorizedKeys :: IsContext c => User -> c -> Property HasInfo Source

Makes a user have authorized_keys from the PrivData

This removes any other lines from the file.

authorizedKey :: User -> String -> RevertableProperty NoInfo Source

Ensures that a user's authorized_keys contains a line. Any other lines in the file are preserved as-is.