propellor-2.16.0: property-based host configuration management in haskell

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isBridge :: Property NoInfo Source

Sets up a tor bridge. (Not a relay or exit node.)

Uses port 443

isRelay :: Property NoInfo Source

Sets up a tor relay.

Uses port 443

named :: NodeName -> Property HasInfo Source

Makes the tor node be named, with a known private key.

This can be moved to a different IP without needing to wait to accumulate trust.

server :: Property NoInfo Source

A tor server (bridge, relay, or exit) Don't use if you just want to run tor for personal use.

configured :: [(String, String)] -> Property NoInfo Source

Specifies configuration settings. Any lines in the config file that set other values for the specified settings will be removed, while other settings are left as-is. Tor is restarted when configuration is changed.

bandwidthRate :: BwLimit -> Property NoInfo Source

Limit incoming and outgoing traffic to the specified amount each.

For example, PerSecond "30 kibibytes" is the minimum limit for a useful relay.

saneNickname :: String -> NickName Source

Convert String to a valid tor NickName.