propellor-2.2.1: property-based host configuration management in haskell

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started :: ServiceName -> Property NoInfo Source

Starts a systemd service.

stopped :: ServiceName -> Property NoInfo Source

Stops a systemd service.

enabled :: ServiceName -> Property NoInfo Source

Enables a systemd service.

disabled :: ServiceName -> Property NoInfo Source

Disables a systemd service.

restarted :: ServiceName -> Property NoInfo Source

Restarts a systemd service.

persistentJournal :: Property NoInfo Source

Enables persistent storage of the journal.

configured :: FilePath -> Option -> String -> Property NoInfo Source

Ensures that an option is configured in one of systemd's config files. Does not ensure that the relevant daemon notices the change immediately.

This assumes that there is only one [Header] per file, which is currently the case. And it assumes the file already exists with the right [Header], so new lines can just be appended to the end.

journaldConfigured :: Option -> String -> Property NoInfo Source

Configures journald, restarting it so the changes take effect.

daemonReloaded :: Property NoInfo Source

Causes systemd to reload its configuration files.

container :: MachineName -> (FilePath -> Chroot) -> Container Source

Defines a container with a given machine name.

Properties can be added to configure the Container.

container "webserver" (Chroot.debootstrapped (System (Debian Unstable) "amd64") mempty)
   & Apt.installedRunning "apache2"
   & ...

nspawned :: Container -> RevertableProperty Source

Runs a container using systemd-nspawn.

A systemd unit is set up for the container, so it will automatically be started on boot.

Systemd is automatically installed inside the container, and will communicate with the host's systemd. This allows systemctl to be used to examine the status of services running inside the container.

When the host system has persistentJournal enabled, journactl can be used to examine logs forwarded from the container.

Reverting this property stops the container, removes the systemd unit, and deletes the chroot and all its contents.

containerCfg :: String -> RevertableProperty Source

This configures how systemd-nspawn(1) starts the container, by specifying a parameter, such as "--private-network", or "--link-journal=guest"

When there is no leading dash, "--" is prepended to the parameter.

Reverting the property will remove a parameter, if it's present.

resolvConfed :: RevertableProperty Source

Bind mounts /etc/resolv.conf from the host into the container.

This property is enabled by default. Revert it to disable it.