propellor-2.8.1: property-based host configuration management in haskell

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Generic conffiles with sections

type SectionStart = Line -> Bool Source

find the line that is the start of the wanted section (eg, == "Foo")

type SectionPast = Line -> Bool Source

find a line that indicates we are past the section (eg, a new section header)

type AdjustSection = [Line] -> [Line] Source

run on all lines in the section, including the SectionStart line; can add, delete, and modify lines, or even delete entire section

type InsertSection = [Line] -> [Line] Source

if SectionStart does not find the section in the file, this is used to insert the section somewhere within it

Windows .ini files

type IniSection = String Source

Name of a section of an .ini file. This value is put in square braces to generate the section header.

type IniKey = String Source

Name of a configuration setting within a .ini file.

containsIniSetting :: FilePath -> (IniSection, IniKey, String) -> Property NoInfo Source

Ensures that a .ini file exists and contains a section with a key=value setting.

lacksIniSection :: FilePath -> IniSection -> Property NoInfo Source

Ensures that a .ini file does not contain the specified section.