propellor-2.8.1: property-based host configuration management in haskell

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data DebootstrapConfig Source

A monoid for debootstrap configuration. mempty is a default debootstrapped system.

built :: FilePath -> System -> DebootstrapConfig -> RevertableProperty Source

Builds a chroot in the given directory using debootstrap.

The System can be any OS and architecture that debootstrap and the kernel support.

Reverting this property deletes the chroot and all its contents. Anything mounted under the filesystem is first unmounted.

Note that reverting this property does not stop any processes currently running in the chroot.

installed :: RevertableProperty Source

Ensures debootstrap is installed.

When necessary, falls back to installing debootstrap from source. Note that installation from source is done by downloading the tarball from a Debian mirror, with no cryptographic verification.

programPath :: IO (Maybe FilePath) Source

Finds debootstrap in PATH, but fall back to looking for the wrapper script that is installed, outside the PATH, when debootstrap is installed from source.