propellor-3.1.1: property-based host configuration management in haskell

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securityUpdates :: SourcesGenerator Source #

Only available for Stable and Testing

stdSourcesList :: Property Debian Source #

Makes sources.list have a standard content using the Debian mirror CDN, with the Debian suite configured by the os.

Since the CDN is sometimes unreliable, also adds backup lines using

stdSourcesList' :: DebianSuite -> [SourcesGenerator] -> Property Debian Source #

Adds additional sources.list generators.

Note that if a Property needs to enable an apt source, it's better to do so via a separate file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

update :: Property DebianLike Source #

Have apt update its lists of packages, but without upgrading anything.

upgrade :: Property DebianLike Source #

Have apt upgrade packages, adding new packages and removing old as necessary. Often used in combination with the update property.

safeUpgrade :: Property DebianLike Source #

Have apt upgrade packages, but never add new packages or remove old packages. Not suitable for upgrading acrocess major versions of the distribution.

pendingConfigured :: Property DebianLike Source #

Have dpkg try to configure any packages that are not fully configured.

installedMin :: [Package] -> Property DebianLike Source #

Minimal install of package, without recommends.

buildDepIn :: FilePath -> Property DebianLike Source #

Installs the build deps for the source package unpacked in the specifed directory, with a dummy package also installed so that autoRemove won't remove them.

robustly :: Property DebianLike -> Property DebianLike Source #

Package installation may fail becuse the archive has changed. Run an update in that case and retry.

unattendedUpgrades :: RevertableProperty DebianLike DebianLike Source #

Enables unattended upgrades. Revert to disable.

periodicUpdates :: Property DebianLike Source #

Enable periodic updates (but not upgrades), including download of packages.

reConfigure :: Package -> [(DebconfTemplate, DebconfTemplateType, DebconfTemplateValue)] -> Property DebianLike Source #

Preseeds debconf values and reconfigures the package so it takes effect.

serviceInstalledRunning :: Package -> Property DebianLike Source #

Ensures that a service is installed and running.

Assumes that there is a 1:1 mapping between service names and apt package names.

data AptKey Source #




cacheCleaned :: Property DebianLike Source #

Cleans apt's cache of downloaded packages to avoid using up disk space.

hasForeignArch :: String -> Property DebianLike Source #

Add a foreign architecture to dpkg and apt.