propellor-5.13: property-based host configuration management in haskell
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containerProps :: IsContainer c => c -> Props UnixLike Source #

Note that the metatype of a container's properties is not retained, so this defaults to UnixLike. So, using this with setContainerProps can add properties to a container that conflict with properties already in it. Use caution when using this; only add properties that do not have restricted targets.

setContainerProps :: IsContainer c => c -> Props metatypes -> c Source #

propagateContainer :: (IncludesInfo metatypes ~ 'True, IsContainer c) => String -> c -> (PropagateInfo -> Bool) -> Property metatypes -> Property metatypes Source #

Adjust the provided Property, adding to its propertyChidren the properties of the provided container.

The Info of the propertyChildren is adjusted to only include info that should be propagated out to the Property.

Any PrivInfo that uses HostContext is adjusted to use the name of the container as its context.

propagatableInfo :: (PropagateInfo -> Bool) -> Info -> Info Source #

Filters out parts of the Info that should not propagate out of a container.