propellor-5.13: property-based host configuration management in haskell
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Properties to manipulate propellor's usrlocal/propellor on spun hosts



hasOriginUrl :: String -> Property (HasInfo + DebianLike) Source #

Sets the url to use as the origin of propellor's git repository.

By default, the url is taken from the deploy or origin remote of the repository that propellor --spin is run in. Setting this property overrides that default behavior with a different url.

When hosts are being updated without using -- --spin, eg when using the runPropellor cron job, this property can be set to redirect them to a new git repository url.

newtype OriginUrl Source #


OriginUrl String 


Instances details
Show OriginUrl Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Propellor.Property.Localdir

removed :: Property UnixLike Source #

Removes the usrlocal/propellor directory used to spin the host, after ensuring other properties. Without this property, that directory is left behind after the spin.

Does not perform other clean up, such as removing Haskell libraries that were installed in order to build propellor, or removing cronjobs such as created by runPropellor.