propellor-5.13: property-based host configuration management in haskell
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Properties in this module ensure that things are currently mounted, but without making the mount persistent. Use Fstab to configure persistent mounts.



type FsType = String Source #

type of filesystem to mount ("auto" to autodetect)

type Source = String Source #

A device or other thing to be mounted.

type MountPoint = FilePath Source #

A mount point for a filesystem.

newtype MountOpts Source #

Filesystem mount options. Eg, MountOpts ["errors=remount-ro"]

For default mount options, use mempty.


MountOpts [String] 

class ToMountOpts a where Source #


toMountOpts :: a -> MountOpts Source #


Instances details
ToMountOpts String Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Propellor.Property.Mount

ToMountOpts MountOpts Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Propellor.Property.Mount

mounted :: FsType -> Source -> MountPoint -> MountOpts -> Property UnixLike Source #

Mounts a device, without listing it in /etc/fstab.

Note that this property will fail if the device is already mounted at the MountPoint.

bindMount :: FilePath -> FilePath -> Property Linux Source #

Bind mounts the first directory so its contents also appear in the second directory.

swapOn :: Source -> RevertableProperty Linux Linux Source #

Enables swapping to a device, which must be formatted already as a swap partition.

mountPoints :: IO [MountPoint] Source #

Lists all mount points of the system.

isMounted :: MountPoint -> IO Bool Source #

Checks if anything is mounted at the MountPoint.

mountPointsBelow :: FilePath -> IO [MountPoint] Source #

Finds all filesystems mounted inside the specified directory.

partialBindMountsOf :: FilePath -> IO [MountPoint] Source #

Get mountpoints which are bind mounts of subdirectories of mounted filesystems

E.g. as created by mount --bind etcfoo etcbar where etcfoo is not itself a mount point, but just a subdirectory. These are sometimes known as "partial bind mounts"

getFsType :: MountPoint -> IO (Maybe FsType) Source #

Filesystem type mounted at a given location.

getFsMountOpts :: MountPoint -> IO MountOpts Source #

Mount options for the filesystem mounted at a given location.

getMountUUID :: MountPoint -> IO (Maybe UUID) Source #

UUID of filesystem mounted at a given location.

getSourceUUID :: Source -> IO (Maybe UUID) Source #

UUID of a device

getMountLabel :: MountPoint -> IO (Maybe Label) Source #

Label of filesystem mounted at a given location.

getSourceLabel :: Source -> IO (Maybe UUID) Source #

Label of a device

getMountSource :: MountPoint -> IO (Maybe Source) Source #

Device mounted at a given location.

getMountContaining :: FilePath -> IO (Maybe Source) Source #

Device that a given path is located within.

umountLazy :: FilePath -> IO () Source #

Unmounts a device or mountpoint, lazily so any running processes don't block it.

Note that this will fail if it's not mounted.

unmountBelow :: FilePath -> IO () Source #

Unmounts anything mounted inside the specified directory, not including the directory itself.