pureMD5-0.2.4: MD5 implementations that should become part of a ByteString Crypto package.




To get an MD5 digest of a lazy ByteString (you probably want this): hash = md5 lazyByteString

Alternativly, for a context that can be further updated/finalized: partialCtx = md5Update md5InitialContext partOfFile

And you finialize the context with: hash = md5Finalize partialCtx



data MD5Context Source

The type for intermediate and final results.

data MD5Digest Source

After finalizing a context, using md5Finalize, a new type is returned to prevent 're-finalizing' the structure.

Static data

md5InitialContext :: MD5ContextSource

The initial context to use when calling md5Update for the first time

blockSize :: IntSource

Block size in bits


md5 :: ByteString -> MD5DigestSource

Processes a lazy ByteString and returns the md5 digest. This is probably what you want.

md5Update :: MD5Context -> ByteString -> MD5ContextSource

Alters the MD5Context with a partial digest of the data.

md5Finalize :: MD5Context -> MD5DigestSource

Closes an MD5 context, thus producing the digest.