purescript-0.11.1: PureScript Programming Language Compiler

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Data types and functions for representing a simplified form of PureScript code, intended for use in e.g. HTML documentation.



data RenderedCodeElement Source #

A single element in a rendered code fragment. The intention is to support multiple output formats. For example, plain text, or highlighted HTML.


Syntax Text 
Keyword Text 
Symbol Namespace Text Link

Any symbol which you might or might not want to link to, in any namespace (value, type, or kind). Note that this is not related to the kind called Symbol for type-level strings.

data Namespace Source #


outputWith :: Monoid a => (RenderedCodeElement -> a) -> RenderedCode -> a Source #

This function allows conversion of a RenderedCode value into a value of some other type (for example, plain text, or HTML). The first argument is a function specifying how each individual RenderedCodeElement should be rendered.

sp :: RenderedCode Source #

A RenderedCode fragment representing a space.

parens :: RenderedCode -> RenderedCode Source #

Wrap a RenderedCode value in parens.