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Data types for modules and declarations



data Module Source

A module declaration, consisting of a module name, a list of declarations, and a list of the declarations that are explicitly exported. If the export list is Nothing, everything is exported.

data DeclarationRef Source

An item in a list of explicit imports or exports


TypeRef ProperName (Maybe [ProperName])

A type constructor with data constructors

ValueRef Ident

A value

TypeClassRef ProperName

A type class

TypeInstanceRef Ident

A type class instance, created during typeclass desugaring (name, class name, instance types)

PositionedDeclarationRef SourcePos DeclarationRef

A declaration reference with source position information

data ImportDeclarationType Source

The data type which specifies type of import declaration



Unqualified import

Qualifying [DeclarationRef]

Qualified import with a list of references to import

Hiding [DeclarationRef]

Import with hiding clause with a list of references to hide

data Declaration Source

The data type of declarations


DataDeclaration DataDeclType ProperName [(String, Maybe Kind)] [(ProperName, [Type])]

A data type declaration (data or newtype, name, arguments, data constructors)

DataBindingGroupDeclaration [Declaration]

A minimal mutually recursive set of data type declarations

TypeSynonymDeclaration ProperName [(String, Maybe Kind)] Type

A type synonym declaration (name, arguments, type)

TypeDeclaration Ident Type

A type declaration for a value (name, ty)

ValueDeclaration Ident NameKind [Binder] (Either [(Guard, Expr)] Expr)

A value declaration (name, top-level binders, optional guard, value)

BindingGroupDeclaration [(Ident, NameKind, Expr)]

A minimal mutually recursive set of value declarations

ExternDeclaration ForeignImportType Ident (Maybe JS) Type

A foreign import declaration (type, name, optional inline Javascript, type)

ExternDataDeclaration ProperName Kind

A data type foreign import (name, kind)

ExternInstanceDeclaration Ident [(Qualified ProperName, [Type])] (Qualified ProperName) [Type]

A type class instance foreign import

FixityDeclaration Fixity String

A fixity declaration (fixity data, operator name)

ImportDeclaration ModuleName ImportDeclarationType (Maybe ModuleName)

A module import (module name, qualifiedunqualifiedhiding, optional "qualified as" name)

TypeClassDeclaration ProperName [(String, Maybe Kind)] [(Qualified ProperName, [Type])] [Declaration]

A type class declaration (name, argument, implies, member declarations)

TypeInstanceDeclaration Ident [(Qualified ProperName, [Type])] (Qualified ProperName) [Type] [Declaration]

A type instance declaration (name, dependencies, class name, instance types, member declarations)

PositionedDeclaration SourcePos Declaration

A declaration with source position information

isValueDecl :: Declaration -> Bool Source

Test if a declaration is a value declaration

isDataDecl :: Declaration -> Bool Source

Test if a declaration is a data type or type synonym declaration

isImportDecl :: Declaration -> Bool Source

Test if a declaration is a module import

isExternDataDecl :: Declaration -> Bool Source

Test if a declaration is a data type foreign import

isExternInstanceDecl :: Declaration -> Bool Source

Test if a declaration is a type class instance foreign import

isFixityDecl :: Declaration -> Bool Source

Test if a declaration is a fixity declaration

isExternDecl :: Declaration -> Bool Source

Test if a declaration is a foreign import

isTypeClassDeclaration :: Declaration -> Bool Source

Test if a declaration is a type class or instance declaration

type Guard = Expr Source

A guard is just a boolean-valued expression that appears alongside a set of binders

data Expr Source

Data type for expressions and terms


NumericLiteral (Either Integer Double)

A numeric literal

StringLiteral String

A string literal

BooleanLiteral Bool

A boolean literal

UnaryMinus Expr

A prefix -, will be desugared

BinaryNoParens (Qualified Ident) Expr Expr

Binary operator application. During the rebracketing phase of desugaring, this data constructor will be removed.

Parens Expr

Explicit parentheses. During the rebracketing phase of desugaring, this data constructor will be removed.

ArrayLiteral [Expr]

An array literal

ObjectLiteral [(String, Expr)]

An object literal

Accessor String Expr

An record property accessor expression

ObjectUpdate Expr [(String, Expr)]

Partial record update

Abs (Either Ident Binder) Expr

Function introduction

App Expr Expr

Function application

Var (Qualified Ident)


IfThenElse Expr Expr Expr

Conditional (if-then-else expression)

Constructor (Qualified ProperName)

A data constructor

Case [Expr] [CaseAlternative]

A case expression. During the case expansion phase of desugaring, top-level binders will get desugared into case expressions, hence the need for guards and multiple binders per branch here.

TypedValue Bool Expr Type

A value with a type annotation

Let [Declaration] Expr

A let binding

Do [DoNotationElement]

A do-notation block

TypeClassDictionaryConstructorApp (Qualified ProperName) Expr

An application of a typeclass dictionary constructor. The value should be an ObjectLiteral.

TypeClassDictionary Bool (Qualified ProperName, [Type]) [TypeClassDictionaryInScope]

A placeholder for a type class dictionary to be inserted later. At the end of type checking, these placeholders will be replaced with actual expressions representing type classes dictionaries which can be evaluated at runtime. The constructor arguments represent (in order): whether or not to look at superclass implementations when searching for a dictionary, the type class name and instance type, and the type class dictionaries in scope.

SuperClassDictionary (Qualified ProperName) [Type]

A placeholder for a superclass dictionary to be turned into a TypeClassDictionary during typechecking

PositionedValue SourcePos Expr

A value with source position information


data CaseAlternative Source

An alternative in a case statement




caseAlternativeBinders :: [Binder]

A collection of binders with which to match the inputs

caseAlternativeResult :: Either [(Guard, Expr)] Expr

The result expression or a collect of guarded expressions

data DoNotationElement Source

A statement in a do-notation block


DoNotationValue Expr

A monadic value without a binder

DoNotationBind Binder Expr

A monadic value with a binder

DoNotationLet [Declaration]

A let statement, i.e. a pure value with a binder

PositionedDoNotationElement SourcePos DoNotationElement

A do notation element with source position information