reactive-banana- Practical library for functional reactive programming (FRP).

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Various utility functions concerning event handlers.


type AddHandler a = (a -> IO ()) -> IO (IO ())Source

A value of type AddHandler a is just a facility for registering callback functions, also known as event handlers.

The type is a bit mysterious, it works like this:

 do unregisterMyHandler <- addHandler myHandler

The argument is an event handler that will be registered. The return value is an action that unregisters this very event handler again.

newAddHandler :: IO (AddHandler a, a -> IO ())Source

Build a facility to register and unregister event handlers.

mapIO :: (a -> IO b) -> AddHandler a -> AddHandler bSource

Apply a function with side effects to an AddHandler

filterAddHandler :: (a -> IO Bool) -> AddHandler a -> AddHandler aSource

Filter event occurrences that don't return True.