redis-hs-0.1.2: A simple Redis library for Haskell



This module processes requests and replies, and contains some utility functions. The methods by which requests are processed are stylistically modified versions of those found in Alexander Bogdanov's redis package, which can be found on hackage at I have found them faster for operations on UTF8 encoded text than redis package, but your mileage may vary.



data ByteString

A space-efficient representation of a Word8 vector, supporting many efficient operations. A ByteString contains 8-bit characters only.

Instances of Eq, Ord, Read, Show, Data, Typeable



:: Handle 
-> [ByteString]

list of requests

-> IO (Maybe RedisReply) 

Formats and sends the request

crlf :: StringSource

Shorthand for "rn". Redis uses CRLF.

toUTF8 :: String -> ByteStringSource

Not strictly necessary, but can add readability

fromUTF8 :: ByteString -> StringSource

Not strictly necessary, but can add readability

pairsToList :: [(a, a)] -> [a]Source

Turns a list of pair tuples into a list