repa- High performance, regular, shape polymorphic parallel arrays.

Safe HaskellNone




data S r1 Source

Hints that evaluating this array is only a small amount of work. It will be evaluated sequentially in the main thread, instead of in parallel on the gang. This avoids the associated scheduling overhead.


Source r1 a => Source (S r1) a Source 
(Shape sh, LoadRange r1 sh e) => LoadRange (S r1) sh e Source 
(Shape sh, Load r1 sh e) => Load (S r1) sh e Source 
Structured r1 a b => Structured (S r1) a b Source 
Read (Array r1 sh e) => Read (Array (S r1) sh e) Source 
Show (Array r1 sh e) => Show (Array (S r1) sh e) Source 
type TR (S r1) = S (TR r1) Source 
data Array (S r1) sh a = ASmall !(Array r1 sh a) Source 

hintSmall :: Array r1 sh e -> Array (S r1) sh e Source

Wrap an array with a smallness hint.