rpc-framework- a remote procedure call framework

Safe HaskellNone




data WIO w a Source


Monad (WIO w) 
Functor (WIO w) 
MonadIO (WIO w) 
(Host w, Sendable a) => Service (WIO w a) w 
(Sendable a, Host w, Host w') => RPC (WIO w a) w' 

world :: forall w. Host w => WIO w wSource

realRemoteCall :: forall a w. (Host w, RPC a w) => a -> String -> Initialize a wSource

remoteCall :: RPC a w => a -> Initialize a wSource

makeService :: Service a w => a -> String -> WIO w ()Source

class Sendable a Source


(Read a, Show a) => Sendable a 
(Sendable a, Sendable b) => Sendable (a -> b) 

data Ref a Source


Read (Ref a) 
Show (Ref a) 

liftIO :: MonadIO m => forall a. IO a -> m a

Lift a computation from the IO monad.

runServer :: forall w. Host w => WIO w () -> IO ()Source

runServer runs a name server and doesn't return

runServerBG :: Host w => WIO w () -> IO ThreadIdSource

runServerBG runs a name server on a background thread and does return