rsagl- The RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library



Supports monadic and arrow operations for animated scenes.



type AniM a = StateT (TimePlusSceneAccumulator IO) IO aSource

A monad for animation using RSAGL's scene accumulation system.

frameTime :: AniM TimeSource

Get's the time of the current frame.

rotationM :: Vector3D -> Rate Angle -> AniM AffineTransformationSource

Generates a continuous rotation.

animateM :: AniM AffineTransformation -> AniM b -> AniM bSource

Combine an animation with a continuous affine transformation.

rotateM :: Vector3D -> Rate Angle -> AniM a -> AniM aSource

Rotate an animation continuously.

data AnimationObject i o Source

An object that can capture either a monadic or arrow-based animation.