safecopy-migrate-0.2.0: Making SafeCopy migrations easier

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This is a mess, sorry. This code was extracted from another project.

Currently changelog is the most useful function here – see its description for an example.


Migration for records

deriveSafeCopySorted :: Version a -> Name -> Name -> Q [Dec] Source #

Sorts fields (but not constructors), uses Simple encoding, only works on records.

data Change Source #

A change from one version of a record (one constructor, several fields) to another version. We only record the latest version, so we have to be able to reconstruct the previous version knowing the current version and a list of Changes.


Removed String (Q Type)

A field with a particular name and type was removed

Added String Exp

A field with a particular name and default value was added. We don't have to record the type since it's already known (remember, we know what the final version of the record is)

changelog Source #


:: Name

Type (without version suffix)

-> (TypeVersion, TypeVersion)

New version, old version

-> [Change]

List of changes between this version and previous one

-> DecsQ 

Generate previous version of the type.

Assume that the new type and the changelog are, respectively:

-- version 4
data Foo = FooRec {
  b :: Bool,
  c :: Int }

changelog ''Foo (Current 4, Past 3) [
  Removed "a" [t|String|],
  Added "c" [|if null a then 0 else 1|] ]

Then we will generate a type called Foo_v3:

data Foo_v3 = FooRec_v3 {
  a_v3 :: String,
  b_v3 :: Bool }

We'll also generate a migration instance:

instance Migrate Foo where
  type MigrateFrom Foo = Foo_v3
  migrate old = FooRec {
    b = b_v3 old,
    c = if null (a_v3 old) then 0 else 1 }

Note that you must use deriveSafeCopySorted for types that use changelog because otherwise fields will be parsed in the wrong order. Specifically, imagine that you have created a type with fields “b” and “a” and then removed “b”. changelog has no way of knowing from “the current version has field “a”” and “the previous version also had field “b”” that the previous version had fields “b, a” and not “a, b”. Usual deriveSafeCopy or deriveSafeCopySimple care about field order and thus will treat “b, a” and “a, b” as different types.

hs :: QuasiQuoter Source #

Parse a Haskell expression with haskell-src-meta. The difference between [|exp|] and [hs|exp|] is the the former requires all variables in exp to be present in scope at the moment of generation, but the latter doesn't. This makes hs useful for changelog.

Migration for constructors

data GenConstructor Source #

A type for specifying what constructors existed in an old version of a sum datatype.


Copy Name

Just reuse the constructor existing now.

Custom String [(String, Q Type)]

The previous version had a constructor with such-and-such name and such-and-such fields.

genVer Source #


:: Name

Name of type to generate old version for

-> Int

Version to generate

-> [GenConstructor]

List of constructors in the version we're generating

-> Q [Dec] 

Generate an old version of a sum type (used for SafeCopy).

data MigrateConstructor Source #

A type for migrating constructors from an old version of a sum datatype.


CopyM Name

Copy constructor without changes

CustomM String ExpQ

The old constructor with such-and-such name should be turned into a value of the new type (i.e. type of current version) using such-and-such code.

migrateVer Source #


:: Name

Type we're migrating to

-> Int

Version we're migrating from

-> [MigrateConstructor]

For each constructor existing in the (old version of) type, a specification of how to migrate it.

-> Q Exp 

Generate SafeCopy migration code for a sum datatype.


data TypeVersion Source #

An ADT for versions. Only used in invocations of changelog.


Current Int 
Past Int 
Show TypeVersion Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Data.SafeCopy.Migrate