shaker-0.4.1: simple and interactive command-line build tool





data ModuleMapping Source

Mapping between module name (to import) and test to execute




cfModuleName :: String

Complete name of the module

cfHunitAssertion :: [String]

Hunit assertions

cfHunitTestCase :: [String]

Hunit test case to process for test-framework

cfPropName :: [String]

QuickCheck test function names

Collect module information functions

collectAllModulesForTest :: Shaker IO [ModuleMapping]Source

Collect all non-main modules with their test function associated

collectAllModules :: Shaker IO [ModSummary]Source

Collect all non-main modules

collectChangedModules :: Shaker IO [ModSummary]Source

Analyze all haskell modules of the project and output all module needing recompilation

runFunction :: RunnableFunction -> Shaker IO ()Source

Compile, load and run the given function

removeNonTestModule :: [ModuleMapping] -> [ModuleMapping]Source

Remove all modules which does not contain test

Template haskell generator

listAllTestFrameworkGroupList :: ShakerInput -> ExpQSource

List all test group of the project. see Shaker.TestTH

filterModulesWithPattern :: [ModuleMapping] -> String -> [ModuleMapping]Source

Include only module matching the given pattern

listTestFrameworkGroupList :: [ModuleMapping] -> ExpQSource

List all test group for test-framework from the list of modules