smartcheck-0.2.4: A smarter QuickCheck.

Safe HaskellSafe



SmartCheck arguments.


data ScArgs Source #




  • format :: Format

    How to show extrapolated formula

  • qcArgs :: Args

    QuickCheck arguments

  • scMaxSize :: Int

    Maximum size of data to generate, in terms of the size parameter of QuickCheck's Arbitrary instance for your data.

  • scMaxDepth :: Maybe Int

    How many levels into the structure of the failed value should we descend when reducing or generalizing? Nothing means we go down to base types.

  • scMaxReduce :: Int

    How hard (number of rounds) to look for failure in the reduction stage.

  • runForall :: Bool

    Should we extrapolate?

  • scMaxForall :: Int

    How hard (number of rounds) to look for failures during the extrapolation stage.

  • scMinForall :: Int

    Minimum number of times a property's precondition must be passed to generalize it.

  • runExists :: Bool

    Should we try to generalize constructors?

  • scMaxExists :: Int

    How hard (number of rounds) to look for failing values with each constructor. For "wide" sum types, this value should be increased.