snaplet-fay- Fay integration for Snap with request- and pre-compilation.

Safe HaskellNone




data Fay Source



initFay :: SnapletInit b Fay Source

Snaplet initialization

fayServe :: Handler b Fay () Source

Serves the compiled Fay scripts using the chosen compile mode.

fayax :: (Data f1, Read f1, Data f2) => (f1 -> Handler h1 h2 f2) -> Handler h1 h2 () Source

Send and receive JSON. | Automatically decodes a JSON request into a Fay record which is | passed to g. The handler g should then return a Fay record (of | a possibly separate type) which is encoded and passed back as a | JSON response. | If you only want to send JSON and handle input manually, use toFayax. | If you want to receive JSON and handle the response manually, use fromFayax

toFayax :: Data f2 => Handler h1 h2 f2 -> Handler h1 h2 () Source

fayax only sending JSON.

fromFayax :: (Data f1, Read f1) => (f1 -> Handler h1 h2 ()) -> Handler h1 h2 () Source

fayax only recieving JSON.