soap- SOAP client tools

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A heart of the package, invokeWS assembles and executes requests.





:: (ToXML h, ToXML b) 
=> Transport

Configured transport to make requests with.

-> String

SOAPAction header.

-> h

SOAP Header element. () or Nothing will result in omiting the Header node. Put a comment if you need an empty element present.

-> b

SOAP Body element.

-> ResponseParser a

Parser to use on a request reply.

-> IO a 

Prepare data, assemble request and apply a parser to a response.

type TransportSource


 = String

SOAPAction header

-> Document

XML document with a SOAP request

-> IO ByteString 

Common transport type. Get a request and deliver it to an endpoint specified during initialization.

data ResponseParser a Source

Different parsing modes available to extract reply contents.


StreamParser (Parser a)

Streaming parser from Text.XML.Stream.Parse

CursorParser (Cursor -> a)

XPath-like parser from Text.XML.Cursor

DocumentParser (Document -> a)

Parse raw XML document.

RawParser (ByteString -> a)

Work with a raw bytestring.

type Parser a = Sink Event (ResourceT IO) aSource

Stream parser from Text.XML.Stream.Parse.