soap- SOAP client tools

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Some helpers to parse documents with Text.XML.Cursor.


Extract single element

readT :: Text -> Cursor -> TextSource

Grab node content by element name.

 pair cur = (readT "fst" cur, readT "snd" cur)

readC :: Read a => Text -> Cursor -> aSource

Extract a read-able type from a content of a node with given name.

 age = readC "age" :: Cursor -> Integer

Extract from multiple elements

type Dict = HashMap Text TextSource

Very generic type to catch server reply when you don't care about types.

readDict :: Axis -> Cursor -> DictSource

Apply an axis and extract a key-value from child elements.

 invokeWS … (CursorParser . readDict $ laxElement "WebScaleResponse" &/ laxElement "BigDataResult")

dictBy :: Text -> ResponseParser DictSource

Simple parser to grab a flat response by an element name.

 result <- invokeWS … (dictBy "BigDataResult")
 case HM.lookup "SuccessError" result of …