stack-1.0.0: The Haskell Tool Stack

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data PackageSource Source

Where the package's source is located: local directory or package index


PSLocal LocalPackage 
PSUpstream Version InstallLocation (Map FlagName Bool)

Upstream packages could be installed in either local or snapshot databases; this is what InstallLocation specifies.

getLocalPackageViews :: (MonadThrow m, MonadIO m, MonadReader env m, HasEnvConfig env, MonadLogger m) => m (Map PackageName (LocalPackageView, GenericPackageDescription)) Source

Parse out the local package views for the current project

loadLocalPackage :: forall m env. (MonadReader env m, HasEnvConfig env, MonadCatch m, MonadLogger m, MonadIO m) => BuildOpts -> Map PackageName SimpleTarget -> (PackageName, (LocalPackageView, GenericPackageDescription)) -> m LocalPackage Source

Upgrade the initial local package info to a full-blown LocalPackage based on the selected components

addUnlistedToBuildCache :: (MonadIO m, MonadReader env m, MonadCatch m, MonadLogger m, HasEnvConfig env) => ModTime -> Package -> Path Abs File -> Map FilePath a -> m ([Map FilePath FileCacheInfo], [PackageWarning]) Source

Returns entries to add to the build cache for any newly found unlisted modules