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loadSourceMap :: HasEnvConfig env => NeedTargets -> BuildOptsCLI -> RIO env ([LocalPackage], SourceMap) Source #

Like loadSourceMapFull, but doesn't return values that aren't as commonly needed.

loadSourceMapFull :: HasEnvConfig env => NeedTargets -> BuildOptsCLI -> RIO env (Map PackageName Target, LoadedSnapshot, [LocalPackage], Set PackageName, SourceMap) Source #

Given the build commandline options, does the following:

  • Parses the build targets.
  • Loads the LoadedSnapshot from the resolver, with extra-deps shadowing any packages that should be built locally.
  • Loads up the LocalPackage info.
  • Builds a SourceMap, which contains info for all the packages that will be involved in the build.

getLocalFlags :: BuildConfig -> BuildOptsCLI -> PackageName -> Map FlagName Bool Source #

All flags for a local package.

getGhcOptions :: BuildConfig -> BuildOptsCLI -> PackageName -> Bool -> Bool -> [Text] Source #

Get the configured options to pass from GHC, based on the build configuration and commandline.

addUnlistedToBuildCache :: HasEnvConfig env => ModTime -> Package -> Path Abs File -> Set NamedComponent -> Map FilePath a -> RIO env ([Map FilePath FileCacheInfo], [PackageWarning]) Source #

Returns entries to add to the build cache for any newly found unlisted modules