starling-0.0.1: A memcached client

MaintainerAntoine Latter <>



A haskell implementation of the memcahed protocol.

This implements the new binary protocol, so it only works with memcached version 1.3 and newer.

Example of usage, using the network package to obain a handle, and the OverloadedStrings language extension:

 h <- connectTo "filename" $ UnixSocket "filename"
 hSetBuffering h NoBuffering
 con <- open h
 set con "hello" "world"
 get con "hello"

In the above example we connect to a unix socket in the file "filename", set the key "hello" to the value "world" and then retrieve the value.

Operations are thread safe - multiple threads of execution may make concurrent requests on the memcahced connection.

Operations are blocking, but do not block other concurrent threads from placing requests on the connection.



open :: Handle -> IO ConnectionSource

Create a connection. Please don't use the handle after opening a connection with it.

close :: Connection -> IO ()Source

Shut down the connection. Non-blocking.

data Connection Source

For thread safety of operations, we perform all requests on a wrapper around a handle.

set :: Connection -> Key -> Value -> Result ()Source

Set a value in the cache

get :: Connection -> Key -> Result ByteStringSource

Retrive a value from the cache

delete :: Connection -> Key -> Result ()Source

Delete an entry in the cache

flush :: Connection -> Result ()Source

Delete all entries in the cache

stats :: Connection -> Result [(ByteString, ByteString)]Source

Returns a list of stats about the server in key,value pairs

version :: Connection -> Result ByteStringSource

Returns the version of the server