stateful-mtl-1.0: Stateful monad transformers with pure evaluation semantics.




data STT s m a Source

ST monad transformer.


MonadReader r m => MonadReader r (STT s m) 
MonadState s m => MonadState s (STT s' m) 
Monad m => MonadST s (STT s m) 
MonadTrans (STT s) 
Monad m => Monad (STT s m) 
MonadFix m => MonadFix (STT s m) 
MonadPlus m => MonadPlus (STT s m) 
MonadIO m => MonadIO (STT s m) 

runSTT :: Monad m => (forall s. STT s m a) -> m aSource

Safely executes the state-transformer part of a monadic computation in the STT monad transformer.