stomp-queue-0.0.7: Stompl Client Library

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Exceptions for the Stompl Client



data StomplException

The Stompl Client uses exceptions to communicate errors to the user application.


SocketException String

Thrown on problems with the socket, e.g. when a message cannot be sent

ProtocolException String

Thrown when something against the protocol happens, e.g. an unexpected frame is received or a message from a queue that was not subscribed

QueueException String

Thrown on wrong uses of queues, e.g. use of a queue outside its scope

TxException String

Thrown on transaction errors, e.g. pending acks

ConnectException String

Thrown on connection errors, e.g. connection was disconnected

ConvertException String

Should be thrown by user-defined converters

BrokerException String

Thrown when an error frame is received

AppException String

Thrown by abort

OuchException String

You hit a bug! This exception is only thrown when something really strange happened


try :: IO a -> IO (Either StomplException a)

Catches any StomplException, including asynchronous exceptions coming from internal threads

convertError :: String -> IO a

Throws ConvertException to signal a conversion error.