stratosphere-0.1.0: EDSL for AWS CloudFormation

Safe HaskellNone



Creates a subnet in an existing VPC.



data Subnet Source

Full data type definition for Subnet. See subnet for a more convenient constructor.

subnet Source

Constructor for Subnet containing required fields as arguments.

sAvailabilityZone :: Lens' Subnet (Maybe (Val Text)) Source

The availability zone in which you want the subnet. Default: AWS selects a zone for you (recommended).

sCidrBlock :: Lens' Subnet (Val Text) Source

The CIDR block that you want the subnet to cover (for example, "").

sMapPublicIpOnLaunch :: Lens' Subnet (Maybe (Val Bool')) Source

Indicates whether instances that are launched in this subnet receive a public IP address. By default, the value is false.

sTags :: Lens' Subnet (Maybe [ResourceTag]) Source

An arbitrary set of tags (key–value pairs) for this subnet.

sVpcId :: Lens' Subnet (Val Text) Source

A Ref structure that contains the ID of the VPC on which you want to create the subnet. The VPC ID is provided as the value of the Ref property, as: { Ref: VPCID }.