stratosphere-0.1.0: EDSL for AWS CloudFormation

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The AWS::IAM::User type creates a user.



data User Source

Full data type definition for User. See user for a more convenient constructor.

user :: User Source

Constructor for User containing required fields as arguments.

uGroups :: Lens' User (Maybe [Val Text]) Source

A name of a group to which you want to add the user.

uLoginProfile :: Lens' User (Maybe UserLoginProfile) Source

Creates a login profile so that the user can access the AWS Management Console.

uManagedPolicyArns :: Lens' User (Maybe [Val Text]) Source

One or more managed policy ARNs to attach to this user.

uPath :: Lens' User (Maybe (Val Text)) Source

The path for the user name. For more information about paths, see Identifiers for IAM Entities in Using AWS Identity and Access Management.

uPolicies :: Lens' User (Maybe [IAMPolicies]) Source

The policies to associate with this user. For information about policies, see Overview of Policies in [Using IAM]. Note If you specify multiple polices, specify unique values for the policy name. If you don't, updates to the IAM user will fail.