swish- A semantic web toolkit.

PortabilityTypeSynonymInstances, MultiParamTypeClasses, FlexibleInstances, OverloadedStrings
MaintainerDouglas Burke



This module defines algebraic datatypes for namespaces and scoped names.

For these purposes, a namespace is a prefix and URI used to identify a namespace (cf. XML namespaces), and a scoped name is a name that is scoped by a specified namespace.



data Namespace Source

A NameSpace value consists of an optional prefix and a corresponding URI.


Eq Namespace

Equality is defined by the URI, not by the prefix (so the same URI with different prefixes will be considered to be equal).

Show Namespace 
LookupEntryClass Namespace (Maybe Text) URI 
LookupEntryClass (Ruleset ex) Namespace (Ruleset ex) 

data ScopedName Source

A full ScopedName value has a QName prefix, namespace URI and a local part. ScopedName values may omit the prefix (see Namespace) or the local part.

Some applications may handle null namespace URIs as meaning the local part is relative to some base URI.


Eq ScopedName

Scoped names are equal if their corresponding QNames are equal

Ord ScopedName

Scoped names are ordered by their QNames

Show ScopedName

If there is a namespace associated then the Show instance uses prefix:local, otherwise url.

IsString ScopedName

This is not total since it will fail if the input string is not a valid URI.

FromRDFLabel ScopedName

Converts from a Resource.

ToRDFLabel ScopedName

Converts to a Resource.

LookupEntryClass ClassRestriction ScopedName ClassRestriction 
LookupEntryClass NamedGraph ScopedName [RDFGraph] 
LookupEntryClass (Rule ex) ScopedName (Rule ex) 
LookupEntryClass (Formula ex) ScopedName (Formula ex) 
LookupEntryClass (DatatypeRel vt) ScopedName (DatatypeRel vt) 
LookupEntryClass (OpenVarBindingModify a b) ScopedName (OpenVarBindingModify a b)

Allow an OpenVarBindingModify value to be accessed using a LookupMap.

LookupEntryClass (VarBindingModify a b) ScopedName (VarBindingModify a b)

Allow a VarBindingModify value to be accessed using a LookupMap.

LookupEntryClass (DatatypeMod vt lb vn) ScopedName (DatatypeMod vt lb vn) 
LookupEntryClass (Datatype ex lb vn) ScopedName (Datatype ex lb vn) 

getScopeNamespace :: ScopedName -> NamespaceSource

Returns the namespace.

getScopeLocal :: ScopedName -> TextSource

Returns the local part.

getScopePrefix :: ScopedName -> Maybe TextSource

Returns the prefix of the namespace, if set.

getScopeURI :: ScopedName -> URISource

Returns the URI of the namespace.

getQName :: ScopedName -> QNameSource

Get the QName corresponding to a scoped name.

getScopedNameURI :: ScopedName -> URISource

Get URI corresponding to a scoped name (using RDF conventions).

matchName :: String -> ScopedName -> BoolSource

Test if supplied string matches the display form of a scoped name.

makeScopedName :: Maybe Text -> URI -> Text -> ScopedNameSource

Construct a ScopedName from prefix, URI and local name

makeQNameScopedName :: Maybe Text -> QName -> ScopedNameSource

Construct a ScopedName from a QName.

makeURIScopedName :: URI -> ScopedNameSource

Construct a ScopedName for a bare URI (the label is set to "").

makeNSScopedName :: Namespace -> Text -> ScopedNameSource

Construct a ScopedName from a Namespace and local component

nullScopedName :: ScopedNameSource

This should never appear as a valid name

namespaceToBuilder :: Namespace -> BuilderSource

Utility routine to create a @prefix line (matching N3/Turtle) grammar for this namespace.