synthesizer-0.0.3: Audio signal processing coded in HaskellSource codeContentsIndex
Portabilityrequires multi-parameter type classes

Comb filters, useful for emphasis of tones with harmonics and for repeated echos.

We cannot generalize this to Synthesizer.Generic.Signal since we need control over the chunk size.

karplusStrong :: (C a, C a v, C v) => Parameter a -> T v -> T vSource
run :: (C a v, Storable v) => Int -> a -> T v -> T vSource
runMulti :: (C a, C a v, Storable v) => [Int] -> a -> T v -> T vSource
runProc :: (C v, Storable v) => Int -> (T v -> T v) -> T v -> T vSource
amplify :: (Storable v, C a v) => a -> T v -> T vSource
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