synthesizer-0.0.3: Audio signal processing coded in HaskellSource codeContentsIndex

Chunky signal stream build on StorableVector.

Hints for fusion: - Higher order functions should always be inlined in the end in order to turn them into machine loops instead of calling a function in an inner loop.

type T = VectorSource
defaultChunkSize :: ChunkSizeSource
scanL :: (Storable a, Storable b) => (a -> b -> a) -> a -> T b -> T aSource
splitAtPad :: (C x, Storable x) => ChunkSize -> Int -> T x -> (T x, T x)Source
delay :: Storable y => ChunkSize -> y -> Int -> T y -> T ySource
:: Storable y
=> T y -> T yprocessor that shall be run in a feedback loop
-> T yprefix of the output, its length determines the delay
-> T y
:: (C y, Storable y)
=> Int
-> T y -> T yProcessor that shall be run in a feedback loop. It's absolutely necessary that this function preserves the chunk structure and that it does not look a chunk ahead. That's guaranteed for processes that do not look ahead at all, like map, crochetL and the like.
-> T yinput
-> T youtput has the same length as the input
mix :: (C x, Storable x) => T x -> T x -> T xSource
mixSize :: (C x, Storable x) => ChunkSize -> T x -> T x -> T xSource
takeCrochet :: Storable a => Int -> T a -> T aSource
fromList :: Storable a => ChunkSize -> [a] -> T aSource
appendFromFusionList :: Storable a => ChunkSize -> T a -> T a -> T aSource
appendFusionList :: Storable a => ChunkSize -> T a -> T a -> T aSource
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