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type Signal = []
delay :: C v => Int -> Signal v -> Signal v
delayOnce :: C v => Signal v -> Signal v
nonRecursiveFilter :: C a v => [a] -> [v] -> [v]
nonRecursiveFilterMod :: C a v => [[a]] -> [v] -> [v]
data T t a v
= Mask [a]
| ModMask (Signal [a])
| FracDelay (T t v) t
| ModFracDelay (T t v) (Signal t)
| Delay [v]
type Signal = []Source
delay :: C v => Int -> Signal v -> Signal vSource
shift signal in time
delayOnce :: C v => Signal v -> Signal vSource
nonRecursiveFilter :: C a v => [a] -> [v] -> [v]Source
Unmodulated non-recursive filter
nonRecursiveFilterMod :: C a v => [[a]] -> [v] -> [v]Source
Modulated non-recursive filter.
data T t a v Source
Description of a basic filter that can be used in larger networks.
Mask [a]A static filter described by its mask
ModMask (Signal [a])A modulated filter described by a list of masks
FracDelay (T t v) tDelay the signal by a fractional amount of samples. This is achieved by interpolation.
ModFracDelay (T t v) (Signal t)Delay with varying delay times. The delay times sequence must monotonically decrease. (This includes constant parts!)
Delay [v]Delay the signal by prepending another one
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