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Portabilityrequires multi-parameter type classes

All recursive filters with real coefficients can be decomposed into first order and second order filters with real coefficients. This follows from the Fundamental theorem of algebra.

This implements a cascade of second order filters using StorableVectors for state and filter parameters.

newtype Parameter a Source
Parameter (Vector (Parameter a))
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(C a v, Storable v) => C a (Parameter v)
type Status a = Vector (Status a)Source
checkSizes :: String -> Vector a -> Vector b -> c -> cSource
withSizeCheck :: String -> (Vector a -> Vector b -> c) -> Vector a -> Vector b -> cSource
step :: (C a, C a v, Storable a, Storable v) => Parameter a -> v -> State (Status v) vSource
modifierInit :: (C a, C a v, Storable a, Storable v) => Initialized (Status v) (Status v) (Parameter a) v vSource
modifier :: (C a, C a v, Storable a, Storable v) => Int -> Simple (Status v) (Parameter a) v vSource
causal :: (C a, C a v, Storable a, Storable v) => Int -> T (Parameter a, v) vSource
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