synthesizer-core-0.6: Audio signal processing coded in Haskell: Low level part

Safe HaskellNone




untangleShapePhase :: C a => Int -> a -> (a, a) -> (a, a)Source

Convert from the (shape,phase) parameter pair to the index within a wave (step) and the index of a wave (leap) in the sampled prototype tone.

For this routine it would be simpler, if shape would measure in multiples of period (we would only need a Ring instance), but for shapeLimit it is better the way it is.

untangleShapePhaseAnalytic :: C a => Int -> a -> (a, a) -> (a, a)Source

solveSLE2 :: C a => ((a, a), (a, a)) -> (a, a) -> (a, a)Source

det2 :: C a => ((a, a), (a, a)) -> aSource

flattenShapePhase :: C a => Int -> a -> (a, T a) -> (Int, (a, a))Source

flattenShapePhaseAnalytic :: C a => Int -> a -> (a, T a) -> (Int, (a, a))Source

shapeLimits :: C t => Margin -> Margin -> Int -> t -> (t, t)Source

type Coords t = (Int, (Int, (t, t)))Source

type Skip t = (Int, (t, T t))Source