synthesizer-core-0.6: Audio signal processing coded in Haskell: Low level part

Portabilityrequires multi-parameter type classes
Safe HaskellNone



Basics for building tone generators. They generate signals of phases and these signals can be converted to arbitrary waveforms by mapping them via Wave objects. This is also the fundament for dimensional oscillators.



static :: C a => T a -> a -> T (T a)Source

phaseMod :: C a => a -> T a (T a)Source

oscillator with modulated phase

shapeMod :: C a => T a -> a -> T c (c, T a)Source

oscillator with modulated shape

freqMod :: C a => T a -> T a (T a)Source

Convert a list of phase steps into a list of momentum phases. phase is a number in the interval [0,1). freq contains the phase steps. The last element is omitted.

freqModSync :: C a => T a -> T a (T a)Source

Like freqMod but the first element is omitted.

freqModAntiAlias :: C a => T a -> T a (a, T a)Source

oscillator with modulated frequency

phaseFreqMod :: C a => T (a, a) (T a)Source

oscillator with both phase and frequency modulation

shapeFreqMod :: C a => T a -> T (c, a) (c, T a)Source

oscillator with both shape and frequency modulation