synthesizer-llvm-0.8.2: Efficient signal processing using runtime compilation

Safe HaskellNone



Re-export functions from Sound.Frame.Stereo and add (orphan) instances for various LLVM type classes. If you want to use the Stereo datatype with synthesizer-llvm we recommend to import this module instead of Sound.Frame.Stereo or Sound.Frame.NumericPrelude.Stereo.



data T a


Functor T 
Applicative T 
Foldable T 
Traversable T 
(C a, C a v) => C a (T v) 
(Ord a, C a v) => C a (T v) 
Sqr a v => Sqr a (T v) 
(C a, Sqr a v) => C a (T v) 
C a v => C a (T v) 
MakeGroundArguments f a => MakeGroundArguments f (T a) 
Eq a => Eq (T a) 
Show a => Show (T a) 
Arbitrary a => Arbitrary (T a) 
Storable a => Storable (T a) 
C l => C (T l) 
Additive a => Additive (T a) 
PseudoModule a => PseudoModule (T a) 
C v => C (T v) 
Simple v => Simple (T v) 
Undefined a => Undefined (T a) 
Zero a => Zero (T a) 
MakeValueTuple h => MakeValueTuple (T h) 
Select a => Select (T a) 
Phi a => Phi (T a) 
C a => C (T a) 
C a => C (T a) 
C a => C (T a) 
Sized value => Sized (T value) 
Zero v => Zero (T v) 
C v => C (T v) 
Read v => Read (T v) 
Flatten a => Flatten (T a) 
MakeGuidedArguments a => MakeGuidedArguments (T a) 
MakeArguments a => MakeArguments (T a) 
(Arithmetic a, IsConst a, C (Value (State a))) => C (Parameter a) (T (Value a)) (T (Value a)) 
(PseudoRing a, RationalConstant a, C a) => C (Parameter a) (T a) (T a) 

cons :: a -> a -> T a

left :: T a -> a

right :: T a -> a

data Channel



select :: T a -> Channel -> a

arrowFromMono :: Arrow arrow => arrow a b -> arrow (T a) (T b)

Run a causal process independently on each stereo channel.

arrowFromMonoControlled :: Arrow arrow => arrow (c, a) b -> arrow (c, T a) (T b)

arrowFromChannels :: Arrow arrow => arrow a b -> arrow a b -> arrow (T a) (T b)

interleave :: (T a, T b) -> T (a, b)

sequence :: Functor f => f (T a) -> T (f a)

liftApplicative :: Applicative f => (f a -> f b) -> f (T a) -> f (T b)