table-layout- Layout text as grid or table.

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This module provides a primitive styling facility. To make your own style have a look at



data TableStyle Source #

Specifies the different letters to construct the non-content structure of a table.

asciiRoundS :: TableStyle Source #

My usual ASCII table style.

asciiS :: TableStyle Source #

Uses lines and plus for joints.

unicodeS :: TableStyle Source #

Uses special unicode characters to draw clean thin boxes.

unicodeBoldHeaderS :: TableStyle Source #

Same as unicodeS but uses bold headers.

unicodeRoundS :: TableStyle Source #

Same as unicodeS but uses round edges.

unicodeBoldS :: TableStyle Source #

Uses bold lines.

unicodeBoldStripedS :: TableStyle Source #

Uses bold lines with exception of group seperators, which are striped slim.

unicodeDoubleFrameS :: TableStyle Source #

Draw every line with a double frame.