taffybar-0.2.0: A desktop bar similar to xmobar, but with more GUI




This is a graph widget inspired by the widget of the same name in Awesome (the window manager). It plots a series of data points similarly to a bar graph. This version must be explicitly fed data with graphAddSample. For a more automated version, see PollingGraph.

Like Awesome, this graph can plot multiple data sets in one widget. The data sets are plotted in the order provided by the caller.

Note: all of the data fed to this widget should be in the range [0,1].



data GraphConfig Source

The configuration options for the graph. The padding is the number of pixels reserved as blank space around the widget in each direction.




graphPadding :: Int

Number of pixels of padding on each side of the graph widget

graphBackgroundColor :: (Double, Double, Double)

The background color of the graph (default black)

graphBorderColor :: (Double, Double, Double)

The border color drawn around the graph (default gray)

graphDataColors :: [(Double, Double, Double, Double)]

Colors for each data set (default [])

graphHistorySize :: Int

The number of data points to retain for each data set (default 20)

graphLabel :: Maybe String

May contain Pango markup (default Nothing)

graphWidth :: Int

The width (in pixels) of the graph widget (default 50)


graphAddSample :: GraphHandle -> [Double] -> IO ()Source

Add a data point to the graph for each of the tracked data sets. There should be as many values in the list as there are data sets.