taffybar-0.2.0: A desktop bar similar to xmobar, but with more GUI




This widget listens on DBus for Log events from XMonad and displays the formatted status string. To log to this widget using the excellent dbus-core library, use code like the following:

 import DBus.Client.Simple
 main = do
   session <- connectSession
   emit session "/org/xmonad/Log" "org.xmonad.Log" "Update" [toVariant "msg"]

There is a more complete example of xmonad integration in the top-level module.



xmonadLogNew :: IO WidgetSource

Return a new XMonad log widget

Log hooks for xmonad.hs

dbusLog :: Client -> X ()Source

A DBus-based logger with a default pretty-print configuration

dbusLogWithPP :: Client -> PP -> X ()Source

This is a DBus-based logger that can be used from XMonad to log to this widget. This version lets you specify the format for the log using a pretty printer (e.g., taffybarPP).


taffybarPP :: PPSource

The same as xmobarPP in XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog

taffybarDefaultPP :: PPSource

The same as defaultPP in XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog

taffybarEscape :: String -> StringSource

Escape strings so that they can be safely displayed by Pango in the bar widget