tdd-util- Test framework wrapper

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Test.Util.Framework is a super-module that re-exports other modules pertaining to TDD, so that they can be imported under a single module.

HUnit's Test type is renamed to HTest, and test-framework's to TTest. The same renaming scheme, with the addition that Q is prepended for QuickCheck, has been applied to the following names:

  • Test
  • assert
  • State
  • test

Result is renamed to SingleResult; reason in this module cannot be renamed, so it is unfortunately not exported.

Unfortunately, Haskell's design makes it inconvenient to rename classes. In this module, Testable is not re-exported from any module.

QuickCheck-2.6's new Test.QuickCheck.Test.interrupted is not exported under a name that does not conflict with Test.QuickCheck.Property.interrupted, from either modules (Test.QuickCheck.Test and Test.QuickCheck), since its existence would depend on the version of QuickCheck.



module Test.HUnit

type HTest = TestSource

Alias for Test.

type TTest = TestSource

Alias for Test.

qAssert :: Monad m => Bool -> PropertyM m ()Source

Alias for assert.

type QState = StateSource

Alias for State.

qTest :: QState -> (StdGen -> Int -> Prop) -> IO ResultSource

Alias for test.

type SingleResult = ResultSource

Alias for Result.