test-framework-0.2.0: Framework for running and organising tests, with HUnit and QuickCheck support




class (Show i, Show r) => TestResultlike i r | r -> i whereSource

Something like the result of a test: works in concert with Testlike


testSucceeded :: r -> BoolSource

class TestResultlike i r => Testlike i r t | t -> i r, r -> i whereSource

Something test-like in its behaviour

type TestName = StringSource

Test names or descriptions. These are shown to the user

type TestTypeName = StringSource

The name of a type of test, such as Properties or Test Cases

data Test Source

Main test data type: build up a list of tests to be run with this.


forall i r t . Testlike i r t => Test TestName t 
TestGroup TestName [Test] 
PlusTestOptions TestOptions Test