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Test.Runner.Backends contains the types and functions that make it possible to run tests constructed with different test packages with the same driver framework from Test.Runner.Driver.
data TestRunnerTest where
TestRunnerTest :: RunnableTest a => a -> TestRunnerTest
class RunnableTest a where
run :: a -> IO (Maybe String)
runWithArgs :: Args -> a -> IO (Maybe String)
data RunWithQuickCheck where
RunWithQuickCheck :: Testable a => a -> RunWithQuickCheck
runWithQuickCheck :: Testable a => a -> TestRunnerTest
data TestRunnerTest whereSource
A TestRunnerTest is a data type that hides the actual type of the test - QuickCheck, plain IO action, or any other RunnableTest. This is required to be able to put tests of different types in a single list.
TestRunnerTest :: RunnableTest a => a -> TestRunnerTest
class RunnableTest a whereSource
The class of all types that testrunner can treat as a test. The method run should return Nothing if the test succeeds, or Just s if the test fails, where s is a human-readable description of the failure.
run :: a -> IO (Maybe String)Source
runWithArgs :: Args -> a -> IO (Maybe String)Source
runWithArgs runs the test with specified QuickCheck arguments. For all non-QuickCheck tests, this defaults to just run.
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data RunWithQuickCheck whereSource
RunWithQuickCheck turns a QuickCheck test into something that can be run with testrunner. This type-level indirection is necessary to please the type checker.
RunWithQuickCheck :: Testable a => a -> RunWithQuickCheck
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runWithQuickCheck :: Testable a => a -> TestRunnerTestSource
Convenience function to go from something testable by QuickCheck to a TestRunnerTest in one step.
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